Last Will And Testament

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Last Will And Testament

My father died without a will. Don’t let the same thing happen to your family.

My father was a well to do lawyer who made a fortune in settling and organizing the real estate assets of a large real estate corporation here. From our family’s humble beginnings, he was able to amass a modest amount of savings and real property holdings through sheer hard work.

Then he died without a will.

The law says that if a person dies without a will, his estate would be divided among the heirs according to the law. This may sound fair to most people who have not been in that situation. But the moment that a party who has a stake in the claim exerts his or her own understanding of the law, there would be disagreement and internal strife. Arguments and bickering are the least that a family could experience if the main breadwinner dies without a will. Legal challenges arising from discontent will tear a family apart.

A last will and testimony is not simply a piece of paper.

It is the outline of what should be done by the family in the event of death. It prepares the family for potential problems that may arise externally and internally. It is a reassurance that even when the breadwinner has gone that if the provisions of the will are adhered to and amicably understood by all, then the family will get back on their feet at the soonest possible time. Without a will, the early death of the sole breadwinner of a young family would be left to fend on their own. Life would have been different if only my father gave directions on what to do when he died. Now, after years of struggling in life, I firmly believe that I should prepare my family in the event that I will pass away. I’m not a lawyer and I can’t afford one. But now, I have an opportunity to write a will I know would comply with the pertinent laws. I cannot guarantee that the future will be bright and shiny. But I can guarantee, that with a will, my family will be prepared to face life even long after I am gone. Add To Cart

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