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Writing Your Own Will

You’re on your way to retirement and thought that you’d get your family ready for the future, so you decide to engage in writing your own will. The problem is writing your own will could be quite complicated. With all the legal jargon in the way of communicating your desire to your family, with all the distractions of emotion impairing your ability to write a will, it’s simply too intimidating to know exactly where to start.

Start with Simply Willing. It’s a will writing software that takes into account that writing your own will should not be an expensive and complicated task. After all, it is simply your instructions on how to distribute your property and the manner by which it is disseminated.

With this software, you can prepare your family to face tomorrow with as little effort as possible. Through the will and the testament, you can instruct your family about your financial and personal resources which would be valuable to them if and when you do pass away. It somehow lightens the burden of having the knowledge that the government will take away most of what you earned by instilling a certain amount of financial preparedness.

Simply Willing has been designed with your interests at heart. With this software, you can assign general or specific gifts to persons that you would like to gift. You could assign who will be the executor, the person who will carry out your will. You can even say whether you would like to donate your organs to somebody who might need it. These and a whole lot more make writing your own will as painless and as flexible as possible.

The developers have undertaken extensive legal research to be able to make this product. It has consulted with legal professionals so that the will that you are making will comply with the guidelines set forth by the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Eire.

With this will writing software, writing your own will has never been easier. You could even evaluate it for free. Download it now and see the simplicity and functionality of the software. If you find that the software suits your needs and addresses your concerns, you could purchase it to unlock the print feature.

During these uncertain times, anything could happen in a short span of time. That’s simply the nature of life. Forrest Gump would say, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’ll have until you open it.” The same goes with life’s end. In the blink of an eye, it could all just go away. With a will and Simply Willing, you make sure that no matter what that box of chocolates has in store for you, you can leave some for your family to enjoy. That is the trademark of a good spouse and a good parent. Because when it comes to life, you’re Simply Willing to give the best to your family. Because writing your own will is just like writing what the future will hold.

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