Last Will And Testament

Use Cheap, Quick And Easy Software To Write Your Testament And Will Today!

Last Will And Testament Examples

Looking for last will and testament examples?

Look no more, you’ve come to the right place. Simply Willing, is a will writing software that is very easy to use and very flexible. It’s designed with your interests in mind. With its simple interface and extensive functionality, you’ll be making your own last will and testament examples in no time.

Last Will And Testament

Last Will And Testament

Why should you use Simply Willing? Why create a will in the first place?

Let me tell you a story. A friend’s father was a well to do lawyer, he wasn’t really that rich but he was able to purchase numerous properties all over and took home an income that made life for his family very comfortable. As a lawyer he made last will and testament examples and tailor made them for his clients. He made quite a living as an estate lawyer.

Here comes the bad part. He died at the age of 49, leaving his family and my friend clueless. At the time, my friend was only 25 years old and didn’t have a clue as to what they should do. They buried their father and found that he died without a will.

Not long after that, the government came and it wanted a huge chunk of the estate. Since my friend didn’t have a clue about the whole extent of the estate, they feared that they would lose some in the process. The government taxed this, the government taxed that. Then a lot of people came, claiming that his father had a huge debt. Pretty soon, the insurance money that his father left off to the family all but vanished. My friend now has to work as a freelance writer to feed his family.

Don’t let the same thing happen to your family. You are right in looking for last will and testament examples to give you a clue on how you should go about in writing your will. More than that, Simply Willing is even better than last will and testament examples in that it actually lets you make a will that legally complies with the laws of the United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, New Zealand, Eire, and Australia. Its makers have made sure that this software will guide you in the will writing process. While there are a lot of last will and testament examples on the Internet, none of them would really address your specific condition.

You may want to give general gifts to your friends, you may want to give specific gifts for your family, or you may even want to donate one of your organs when you pass away. Simply Willing is the companion you need to ensure that your estate is divided according to your will.

This software is free to download and evaluate. You could try it now and see if it fits your requirements. If it does not, you can simply uninstall it. If it does, you can unlock the print feature by buying the software.

Making a last will and testament is but a small step in preparing for the future of your children. Go ahead and take that step now, for your sake, and for your family’s sake.

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