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Simply Willing

Simply Willing is a will and testament writing software that is a very simple and easy to use program that was created specifically to satisfy your needs.

Simply Willing is one small investment that will go a long way for the most valuable people in your life.

Since our lives are finite and since our abilities are limited by our own bodies, we can only do so much to prepare our families for the future. We send our children to good schools, we clothe them, we provide shelter to them, we basically live our lives doing things that we think will prepare them for life on this world.

But what we cannot do that forever.

I will die. You will die.

The question is, what next?

The answer to that is not up to us. The best that we could do is to provide guidance. Humanity is a resilient species, and I’m sure that your family will survive. It would be great though if you can reach out to them even when you are gone. It would be nice if you could guide them when they are making mistakes, it would be helpful if you could encourage them when they are feeling down.

This you could humanly do by making a will. Make your will now.

Add To CartThe software has been thoroughly tested on all Microsoft Windows operating systems (both 32bit and 64bit versions), including Windows 7,  and is very simple to use.

When you order Simply Willing you can also choose to get a back up CD of the program for your convenience.

“Although we are confident that Simply Willing meets the legal requirements in the countries listed on this site, Secrett Systems and Last Will And accept no liability whatsoever for any errors made by the user, failure to comply with locals regulations, improper use etc. If you are unsure about local regulations, you must check them first. This can usually be done with a simple visit to a library or your local probate office.”

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